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Trail Stand XM-3

Trail Stand XM-3

$75.00 Regular Price
$60.00Sale Price

Light weight, adjustable trail stand.

Make trail side tyre repairs or lubing your chain much easier with the XM-V3 Trail stand. 


No more looking for logs or rocks to perch your bike on. This stand collapses down to 375mm and fully extends to 550mm from the foot to the top plate.


Simply place the locator pin through the footpeg or use the accessory plate (included) in a variety of additional pickup points such as a hole in the bashplate or under the swingarm.


Made in Australia, alloy tube, tig welded foot, laser cut stainless accessory plate and weighs in around 350g.


The V3 has the following improvents from previous stands.


  • Tig welded ends. 
  • One piece accessory plate.
  • 4 pre-drilled adjustments and 1 for locking closed. 
  • Push to lock/release pin.


Having these pieces welded and pins fitted internally, means less fidling around assembling the stand on the trail or the inconvenience of losing the ends.



Closed length: 375mm

Extended length: 565mm

Tube dia: 25.4mm

Top plate dia: 39mm

Foot: 50 x 47 x 5mm

Weight: 350g

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