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Ride More Rewards

Earn points. Ride more.

  1. Book a Tour

    • When you book from any of the listed tours in the rewards column, earn the points shown. See below for more details and other offers.

  2. Earn Points

    • Book any tour

      Get 1 point for every $1 spent

  3. Ride More

    • Take $20.00 off any ticket.

      500 Points = $20 off for all tickets

    • Take $30.00 off any ticket.

      750 Points = $30 off for all tickets

    • Take $50.00 off any ticket.

      1,250 Points = $50 off for all tickets

    • Take $100 off any ticket.

      2,500 Points = $100 off for all tickets


Points are added to your membership every time you book and pay for a tour. These are your points and additional to any other offers or discounts shown on individual events.

As an example, if you book any tour, you automatically receive these points. 

Some tours may also offer MatesRates discounts for you to pass on to a mate to join you, and you'll receive the coupon code by email as soon as you have booked your spot. (see offers on individual event pages)

You can redeem reward points as discounts when you book any future tour. Use them each time you book, or let them accumulate.


To claim a reward, visit your rewards page, copy the code and place that in the coupon area at checkout.

Other rewards are offered from time to time with chances to multiply your points or savings on special offers.

RideMore Rewards may be subject to change, although your points never expire.

Points are only applied for online bookings and payments through this website.

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