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The Great Southern Ride

Route Info and GPS File


RiderRoutes are provided and function on all GPS devices and apps. Just load and go!

Adventure Bike in the Flinders Ranges


Every route is mapped and trail checked by us on Adventure and Dual sport bikes.

Adventure Rider


From one, two and three day local rides to the series of four day rides, find the GSR Rides on our calendar.

The Great Southern Ride.

The ultimate adventure ride for a group of mates, or the solo adventure rider.

You just want a great ride without the extras.

Fully organised tours might not be your thing, maybe you prefer to look after your own meals, accommodation and other itinerary to suit your schedule or budget.

Ride the GSR stages.

The GSR is ridden over 6 individual stages consisting of 4 days each. We provide the self guided GSR RiderRoute, itinerary and trail support, should you need it. Checkpoints are listed each day for all riders, we have live tracking for inReach, Zoleo and Spot users.

Choose your days.

Some of the GSR stages have 2 and 3 day options, perfect if you have ridden an area before, or one of the other days is closer for you to start from. 


Tap into what we do best, create amazing adventure rides for groups and solo adventure riders alike.


Follow our suggested itinerary and ride, stay, eat with a group, or GoSolo and look after yourself.

These are also a great way to learn the basics before setting off on your own GSR Route or joining any of our other GPS Navigation events.

Look for the GSR Rides on our calendar.

GSR Routes.

We haven't just taken a short trail or downloaded someone elses track and called it a ride.

Routes vary, some are basic with start/finish points and fuel locations, while others provide plenty of detail.


Expect quality Adventure Rides on routes that have been created and pre-ridden by us, with connector trails, twisty sealed roads, forest tracks and scenic mountain ranges.

The initial routes will provide amazing rides between Marlo Vic in the south to Port Maquarie NSW in the north.

The fully connected routes will deliver in excess of 24 spectacular days of unbeatable Great Southern Adventure Riding...... 


These sections are considered more technical than the touring sections and will suit intermediate and above riders. What some may consider 'breakouts' become the standard route on a GSR-X. 



You can find upcoming GSR Rides on our calendar, choose from one, two and three day local rides or the four day series that weaves it's way from Victoria to Northern NSW and back again.

New format, new routes.  

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