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GPS Navigation rides for everyone.

From weekend getways to multi day adventure tours, GPS Navigation rides made easy.



Prizes at each event.

Win prizes from Barkbusters and supporting sponsors.



Ride a Grom or a BMW GS.

Road and offroad routes designed to suit all sizes and types of bikes.

Join the rides


The 'not so serious' series.

Keeping riding fun and maybe a little competitive amongst friends.



GPS Navigation rides made easy. 


The rides are created to suit all bikes from a Grom to a GS, leaving out the hardcore enduro loops in favour of 50/50 offroad adventure roads and trails.

Awards and prizes based on timing and accuracy, laughter and pink tutu's possible for lack of either !

Courses are generally between 250 - 350kms per day and will have 3 checkpoints you must sign in at to be eligible for awards.

Each event has an average time set during the pre-rides, points are awarded based on average times and deductions for missed checkpoints, wooden spoon awards, tutus and pink whistles.

Barkbusters Handguards

You'll receive comprehensive GPS files for your GPS or navigation app along with print version trail notes of pre-ridden routes. 


On-ride hints and tips to help with using your GPS or navigation app.

You'll be supported by our experienced crew the whole way, with support riders, 4WD and trailer and depending on the ride, on or off-route luggage transport.

Not so serious awards.

  • Wings

  • Wooden Spoon

  • Tutu

  • Pink Whistle

You'll find out how these are awarded when you get one yourself or laugh at seeing one presented on the rides.

Why GPS Navigation?

Together with Barkbusters Handguards, the BLITZ rides were designed to give riders the skills to follow a loaded route (or track) while being fully supported along the way.


The rides evolved from single day short rides into two and three day Adventure rides with a fun and social atmosphere being a real stand out.


Let's face it, when you're Adventure Riding, be that solo, travelling, touring or heading out for an epic multi day ride, you'll be sure to rely on either a paper map, Google Maps, a phone app or your GPS at some stage.

Improving your skills on meticulously planned routes before heading off into the unknown is smart, safe and a whole lot of fun.

If you don't have a GPS, start with a phone and handlebar mount, we can set you up with an app quickly to get started, if it's your first time and you aren't yet set up with equipment, we can team you up with someone else, either another rider or our crew.

We create quality RiderRoutes and continually check them for accuracy so you can load and go. Where necessary we'll drop cornermen and impliment a lead/sweep system.

Ride with confidence

With over 20 years of mapping, route planning, road book experience and event manangement, we create a wide range of Adventure Riding events that we know you'll love.


Our tour creator also established the first approved paperless booking system, QR check ins and was the first TourBoss approved under the 2014 National Motorcycling body guidelines.


You'll be fully supported by our highly experienced team, from using your GPS, fixing a puncture or rendering 1st aid.

BLITZ Rides are great if you're just getting a taste of Adventure riding or learning navigation skills, experienced riders will enjoy getting out for a blast too.

Barkbusters BLITZ events are open to all licenced riders on registered motorcycles.


What others are saying.

Russell Paterson

First and foremost really enjoyable. Well organised, good communication and cater well for all levels of rider.

Michael Risi

Got the files and downloaded them. This is quality work. Great set of instructions and well laid out easy to follow ride plan. I’m a suck it and see Garmin Basecamper and I uploaded to my Zumo 590 without a hitch. I’m set. Looking forward to Saturday’s ride.

Well done.

Elton Button

What a great day with everyone on the Ride360 Barkbuster 1 Day Blitz and big thanks to the support Crew and all the sponsors 

Richard Novatin

A big shout out of thanks to Darren Cook who gave up some of his evening tonight to help me (a navigator device newbie incompetent) to get the functionality out of a NavVI from such incredibly detailed and well built “track files” he built

Current BLITZ events 

Current BLITZ Events

Find your registration and other tickets to each BLITZ Ride on our calendar. Be sure to read the information and follow the links to each events detail and updates page.

If you'd like to know more or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.  

Montana tracks 5

Hit the GO button and join a Barkbusters BLITZ Ride


The BLITZ Series of rides are the most affordable one and two day fully supported adventure rides..


Rides vary from book your own accomodation through to all inclusive with meals and accomodation, please be sure to read the event details.

Prices are listed on each event's information page, as a guide, a one day event is $140 and a two day is $260 (plus meals, accom and personal expenses)

Africa Twin

About the routes.

Each course is pre-ridden as close as possible to each BLITZ Ride to ensure suitability for all bikes and riders.

The Rider Route is created as late as possible to include the most current information, you'll receive a unique log in to obtain your Rider Route and information sheets within 3 days of the start.


The files are compatible with most GPS devices and smart phone/tablet apps. If you'd like any suggestions on getting started contact us for our recommendations.

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