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Pre ride preparation

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Pre ride prep | RIDE360
Pre ride prep | RIDE360

Every ride and every riders personal needs are different, it'd be almost impossible to list everything here.

The items below are intended as a guide only, see the other guides about safety, cornerman system and how rides are usually graded.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.



Your bike should be set up with a GPS that is powered by your bikes electrical system.

If you are using a phone or tablet, please ensure it can also be charged from your bike.

Navigation devices are power hungry! and that's why we recommend having them powered from your bike. If you are using a wireless charger like a Quadlock or similar, carry a spare cable, the wireless may not keep up.

It's always a good idea to have a spare charging cable and even a portable charger for your device(s).

Bike maintenance.

Give your bike a checkover, if you're not sure how to do major things yourself, keep it regularly serviced by a mechanic..
  • ​​Check operation of controls, switches, mirrors, lights and indicators.

  • Check chain, sprockets, brake pads and levers.

  • Check over all fasteners.

  • Check all fluid levels and check for leaks.

  • Tyre condition and pressures, we usually recommend 50/50 tyres.

  • Check suspension and don't overload the bike.

What to take.

Some basic essentials to carry.​
  • Current licence, registration and insurance info.

  • ICE information and if you carry any medications, let the lead/sweep riders or others in your group know where it is.

  • Tools for your bike

  • Spare tube(s), levers, puncture repair kit and pump.

  • Spark plug and spanner, (double check you have it)

  • Tow strap

  • JB-weld, zip ties, tape

  • Spare fuses, assorted fasteners and some wire.

  • Money

  • Maps

For overnighters, an overnight bag (sports bag size) with toiletries, sunscreen, towel, swimwear, footwear, thongs, shorts, shirt and maybe a jacket and long pants depending on the time of year.

Some cash for extras such as souvenirs, entertainment or alcohol (especially if you're the one that drowns your bike and forgot your spark plug spanner) !!


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