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Not another tyre post, Yep! with our current choices.

Updated: Mar 12

With some quality rear hoops these days surpassing the $320 mark, it can be an expensive exercise keeping Big Bike rated tyres on your machine, especially if you've got a heavy right wrist.

For a very long time we ran the GT723 Adventure tyre, it remains one of our all time favorite do-it-all tyres.

Unfortunately it was replaced by the GT823, and although it was meant to be an improvement, we had continual punctures, split carcasses and poor mileage on the rear. The 823 Front is still excellent, it's the original 723 renamed to 823.

So back to buying multiple tyres and styles in an effort to to settle on another allrounder.

Some of what we've used so far:

*Your riding style, bike and terrain will obviously return different results, these are just ours.

We're not writing a full blown review on tyres, just what we've used and settled on as our current choices, which will be updated from time to time.

  • Continental TKC80

  • GT201/GT723/GT723R / GT823

  • Kenda Big Block

  • Michellin Anakee Wild

  • Mitas E09 Dakar

  • Mitas E10

  • Mitas E12

  • Mitas E13

  • Mitas EO7+

  • Motoz Tractionator Adventure

  • Motoz RallZ

  • Pirelli Scorpion MST

  • Pirelli Scorpion STR

  • Pirelli Scorpion Rally

  • Pirelli MT90

  • Shinko 804/805

Unable to settle on a complete allrounder, here's some of our feedback (with each having a different purpose) and the summary of what we use and recommend is below.

Michellin Anakee Wild.

What we like: this tyre has been the most consistent performer. It's stable on dirt and gravel roads, hangs on extremely well in the twisties and always feels planted. The front does a better job than it's looks suggest.

What we don't like: Wears out too fast.


Average is 1,000 to 1,500kms. The best we've achieved so far is 2750kms.

Pirelli Scorpion (MST) don't confuse it with the STR or Rally.

What we like:

Front tyre - Everything.

Rear Tyre - Exceptional drive and traction everywhere we've used it, for a dirt 'race' tyre, it's also pretty damn good on the tar.

What we don't like:

Front - no complaints.

Rear - it's pretty noisy (on road) which is expected from a decent knobby, but it's forgotten about when you hit the dirt.


Front - 4000kms

Rear - 2500kms average, we've ran them out to 4,000kms too.

We also ran the newer Rally version in a 150/70-18. Returning 900kms less than the STR and only marginal improvement in traction.

Our Summary and choices so far.

Best 50/50 - (F) Michellin Anakee Wild & (R) Mitas E09 Dakar

Best dirt - Pirelli Scorpion Rally & Rally Race (MST)

Update 11/03/2024

We rec'd some more tyres for testing, will update after they've been used.


All feedback or recommendations we make comes from our experience on tyres we have purchased and used on our Honda Africa Twins, Nordern901 & DesertX. Mileage is based on average riding over mixed terrain.


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