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Clutch extension, 1 finger clutch control

Back in mid 2021, Altrider started designing the clutch extension for the CRF1000/1100, they've now arrived in Australia and are available from Barrett Products.


The CRF1100 clutch is already pretty light (compared to other bikes) about the only noticeable drawback is that it becomes a little notchy and inconsistent through the friction zone when it's worked harder on the trails.

Altrider claims a 33% reduction to clutch pull, after installing and testing it, general use there's really not much change in clutch pull, but there is a definate overall improvement with a smoother take up, the 'lighter feel' and change to the useable friction zone dampens the notchy feel in slower technical areas when you're consistently covering the clutch.

Fitting is a breeze with basic tools and there's no modifications or cutting, just remove and save the OE cable guide incase you want to put it back to standard.

Here's the detail from Altriders Website.

While the Honda CRF1000/CRF1100 Africa Twin clutch is well designed for casual riding, technical off road riding with heavy clutch work can quickly fatigue a rider's hand and forearm, leading to a long uncomfortable ride home.

Reduce rider fatigue and increase clutch feel with the AltRider Clutch Arm Extension for the Honda CRF1000L and CRF1100L Africa Twin/ ADV Sports.

  • Overlays onto OEM clutch arm

  • Made from machined aircraft-grade aluminum and formed stainless steel

  • Finished in anodize black

  • Designed to reduce clutch pull and increase feel

  • Reduces clutch pull effort by up to 33% over stock

  • Reduces hand fatigue in traffic and increases feel during off road riding

Designed to reduce clutch pull, which reduces hand fatigue, and increase the feel of the clutch; the Altrider Clutch Arm Extension replaces the OEM clutch arm with an adjustable clutch arm extension.

The extension is made from machined aluminum and formed stainless steel plate, and is available in an anodized silver finish.

With the Altrider Clutch Arm Extension the clutch pull can be set from stock up to a 33% reduction in pull effort, giving you options for the best clutch feel for the rider.

  • Not compatible with DCT models

  • Not compatible with SW-Motech Crash Bars


Africa Twin 1100 Clutch Extension Install by AltRider - Easy Pull Clutch

Altrider have a clutch solution for the Yamaha T7, KTM790/890 and the CRF1000/1100, each of these are available through Barrett Products in Australia.

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