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Barkbusters BLITZ #6 - Wrap up

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

What a great event to wrap up the Barkbusters BLITZ series of rides for 2019!

Right from the start, this ride threw a few curve balls, from turning a one day ride into a two day, last minute checkpoint changes, and lifting the cap to cater for another 5 entries, (we were blown away that this one had a waiting list of 14 riders).

Day 1: 315kms - Moss Vale to Kiama

On paper the course for day one came in at a 70/30 mix (road/dirt), although the way it was stitched together with amazing lookouts, open gravel roads, tar sections, forested trails and some sandy tracks, it worked great.

The day took us from Moss Vale to Kiama, via Marulen, Moreton National Park, Penrose Forest, Bundanoon, Bugong N.P, Cambewarra, Wottamolla, Berry and Saddleback Mountain.

Joe, who had come down from Qld, had a visit to a local dealer for a tyre repair on route to the start, the Adventure Grom was late, then within 10 minutes of the riders setting off, DR Dan took a gravel sample before a water filled causeway.

Before the first checkpoint we were already struggling to keep up with wooden spoon awards :) yep...the adventure had started!

When Allan came around the corner, he was faced with a pants down DR Dan and Michael taking photos.........all good boys, what goes on tour, stays on tour!!

I've never had a ride with so many turns and different roads, I've made my own run sheets and it took 4 pages...and that's only the first day.

Russel Patterson

Indeed it was another amazing ride. Great route to top off the Barkbusters series. Just as well there were some tar sections. Great work Darren and Tracey.

Michael Risi

There were plenty of skids and slides, a clear message that Brett (Loaded Rider) and the Big KTM were back and BLITZ Ready.....but, no one, not even Loaded Rider was a match for the lines laid in the gravel by Fiona aboard her trench digging BMW.

All that throttle twisting by Brett, he was obviously too fast to see the fuel stops, or even the Trig, that he swears didn't exist :)

Anthony's mighty little Grom has knocked out over 50,000kms so far, and attended all the BLITZ Rides and many other rides with us, a bit over half way it gave up in a big puff of smoke.

At least Anthony is still smiling, and no doubt he'll have it sorted and back on the trails in no time.

During the afternoon we had another couple of bikes in need of attention, Brendan bent his gear lever while doing a pivot turn, also earning a Tutu award in the process, James had his AJP apart with fuel pump problems, a couple of BMW1250's were chasing their tales in the forest and Dave's Bunker caught Alex out in the sand.

Dave made good time and landed the WINGS award today, arriving at the final checkpoint around 2hrs ahead of the next riders.

The day ended in Kiama, and what a view from dinner at Penny Whistlers!

Day 2: 287kms - Kiama to Mittagong.

What a day, great food, great trails, D2 nailed the sand, an ambulance ride, a flat tyre and a RallyeX on a mission.

Breakfast at the Sebel, not a bad start to the morning.

The morning started with a run through Jamberoo and Belmore Falls, D2 nailed the sand today, Russell was actually seen riding slow and it appeared the directionally challenged Richard and Marcus were on track.

After James had fixed Brendan's RallyeX yesterday, he must of added some extra gears because Brendan was off, he certainly found his mojo today.

A big part of the group stuck together today, Darren was following with Mark just ahead. As we were approaching a T intersection on the main road, a vehicle made a last minute decision and Mark hit the pavement, and he hit hard.

We shipped him off in an Ambulance, got his bike back to our place and thankfully he was cleared later in the day with only minor injuries.

Squint rode sweep with the main group, Tracey made sure the Gromless Anthony got to the station then picked Mark up from Hospital and Darren played catch up as final sweep after losing a couple of hours to get things sorted.

A lunch stop meant he could peddle along and regroup a bit over half way, and a nice touch was everyone pulling over and letting him lead the last ride of the series to the finish.

Chilled out lunch stop out at the Tangled Vine in Taralga, check-ins made and time to ride the Wombeyan Caves section back to Mittagong.

Overall positions for BLITZ 6 are listed on the BLITZBOARD, and after this event, we'll have to revise the board for 2020, we need more space for wooden spoons, tutu's and hardluck awards :)

Really showcased the highlands in a way I never thought possible in a single day. Huge thumbs up.

Scott Bridgement

A big thankyou to all our riders and sponsors for helping make the first year of the Barkbusters BLITZ such a great series.

Special thanks to Alan (Squint), for being a great sweep and support rider, Trace for backup vehicle duties and the mouth watering meals.

See you for the trophy and prizes soon.


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