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Air filters for the Ducati Desert X

Updated: Jun 4

Back in November last year DC was approached to test the Funnelweb pre-production air filter for the Ducati DesertX.

After changing a few of the 'poor fitting' standard filters and seeing first hand just how much sand and dirt made it's way into airboxes, he was happy to get involved.

That's not to say there weren't already other good options out there, prior to testing the Funnelweb, our DesertX was running the Unifilter and we had also fitted a few to customers bikes.

A few photo's and details of what we've found are below.

  1. Standard Ducati Air Filter - inspected well below the scheduled interval. (customers bike)

The standard air filter has a gap around the edges, the front of 3 airboxes showed dirt tracking and bypassing the filter.

There was more fine dust and sand particles sitting in the airbox itself than what actually came out of the filter element.

If you choose to stick with the standard filter (we wouldn't), greasing the sealing edges is an absolute must.

2. UniFilter at 6,000kms

Each of the 3 layers showed dry spots allowing dust and dirt migration. Once a foam filter dries out, it's no longer an air filter.

This was fitted as a new pre-oiled filter, maybe a better quality oil or more frequent inspections/cleaning is needed.

3. Funnelweb No.1 at approx 3,000kms, with cut away view after it was returned for inspection. Dirt and dust affecting only the 1st layer, and still plenty of the pyramids showing oil and relatively clean surfaces.

4. Funnelweb No.2 at 5,000kms, cut away view yet to be uploaded.

5. Funnelweb No.3, production filter fitted.

Seeing how well the pre-production filters have worked in extremely dusty conditions is impressive. The final production filter will last longer.

Note on installation.

Unlike other panel filters, where people have been leaving the 2 front screws in and bending up the lid to slide the filter in and out, you must completely remove the airbox lid to fit the Funnelweb.

Due to the design of the filter you may also find some oil will 'bleed out' on to the air box, add dust and it'll be a bit like damp mud, so be sure to clean it before lifting the lid.

Even with these 2 small inconveniences compared to panel filters, the result is a completely sealed surface making it impossible for dirt to bypass the airfilter, for this reason, it's our choice of air filter in our DesertX.

Funnelweb also recommends not greasing the foam sealing area in this application, the oiled foam sandwiched between the air box and lid creates a total seal.

Pyramid profile provides a larger surface area, traps more dust and extends filter service intervals.


When it comes to something as important as air filters for your own bike, you should make your own decisions.

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Funnelweb Filter - Our Choice!


Standard Ducati Filter

Item 4

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