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Xplore more rewards club

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Xplore more, fuel rewards
Xplore more, fuel rewards

The first of our Xplore more rewards club deals for NAVIG8 subscribers is here, and it'll save you a few bucks too!


Whenever you invite a mate to join a ride with you, all they need to do when registering is enter your name as the one that invited them, and you'll get a $10 fuel card, it's that simple, our database will do the rest.

There's no limit to how many of your referred riders join, you'll get $10 applied to a fuel card for each new riders first registration.

A few simple terms and conditions apply.

  • Offer available to NAVIG8 subscribers.

  • You must register for the ride before they do.

  • Applies to new riders first event registration.

  • Cards aren't redeemable for cash or trade.

  • Not valid for free events.

This offer can be used in conjunction with any other offers, specials, discounts or prizes offered by us or participating companies.

We reserve the right to amend promotions and offers at any time.

See you out there!


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