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What boots?

A frequently asked question, what boots are best?

Without going into all the specifics of boot styles, manufacturing, materials etc, there's plenty of information on the internet already, and equally as much misinformation.

There's riders that want a boot that's waterproof and offers all day comfort and others that want protection at all costs.

The opinions on what boot is best is as varied as the choices of boots available, from real world use, our top picks are the SIDI Crossfire, Gaerne SG12 and Leatt Flexlock.

The minimum standard adventure boot if you're really after that style, would be the SIDI or Gaerne Adventures.

Over the years, we have seen too many lower leg and ankle injuries to even consider suggesting a basic leather style adventure boot, especially those advertised as a redesigned road boot with the height of an offroad boot. Not only do they offer little rotational support for your ankle, we recently seen a lower leg broken in a slow speed drop from the side impact of a footpeg.


After years in SIDI, DC has been using the Alpinestars Tech7 'Drystar' Enduro boot, compromising a little with the added benefit of being waterproof, the result?

They're comfortable, but certainly not waterproof, and the soles are lucky to survive 8,000kms of Adventure riding. 3 pairs have been the same with a foot peg coming through the sole on one pair.

In contrast, the SIDI Crossfires lasted over 3 years and 100,000kms, still with the original soles, the boots were just starting to deteriorate past being safe. For 7 months of that, they were worn every day on a trip around Australia. Big tick for the SIDI Boots.

About the only downside of the SIDI is the narrow fit, if you've got a wide foot, you might be in strife.

Whatever boot you choose, do your own research, try them on and in our opinion, put protection above the want for total comfort, and don't buy into the notion that MX boots are uncomfortable, once they break in, they're fine.

This is purely an opinion and based on lower leg and ankle protection with a focus more towards offroad riding, everyday touring and more comfort may be different.

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