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This week's most common FAQ's.

The most commonly asked questions about the NAVIG8 Motocache finder.

How do I find the motocaches or waypoints, will NAVIG8 guide me there?

What GPS do you recommend?

Here's the answer to the first question, we've also listed it and other answers on the FAQ page, and below is a bit of an explanation as to why we've chosen the format we have for V.1.0

Q2 will be posted later today.

NAVIG8 is an event and skills based platform, not a navigation tool or mapping application.
However there are links that will open in Google Maps and in some cases the waypoint is also linked to our HEMA cloud or other application.
View the Motocache details, add it to your trip or preferred route creator and get out there on a ride.
For Motocaches located on roadways, the link to Google Maps will be fine, where a Motocache is located offroad, use the links to waypoints, it's coordinates and clues.

The basics behind it are simple, there's plenty of great navigation tools out there already, and we all have our own preference, what works for one rider could be a tech headache for another. And re-inventing the wheel or forcing a purchase of a navigator device or another app seemed ridiculous.

And if you're like us, you'll probably flip between different apps depending on the type of ride or the benefits one has over another for a given activity, we wanted a unique platform where it didn't matter what you used, we've got it now and we'll keep improving it!


NAVIG8 is a unique platform for special events and challenges, where you can use any of your favorite track loggers, routing and recording systems to verify your Motocache finds or complete the challenges. All types of data from a standard photo right through to uploading a .gpx file is supported. Use your favorite app, your favorite GPS and choose your preferred way to's #YourRide#YourWay. So far our users have submitted data from Garmin, HEMA, RELIVE and REVER as well as photos and files.

See the full list of FAQ's here


Most basic features are listed on the plans here and updates appear on a live page and are listed here.

If you have any other questions, contact us and we'll answer you asap.

See you out there.


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