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Safety and some common sense.

Updated: 2 days ago

Safety | RIDE360
Safety | RIDE360

We want a 100% safety outcome on a ride and we're pretty sure you do as well, the following information is a guide for the benefit of everybody on a group ride or solo trip, as well as being aware of the safety to others encountered on the trails.

A ride can go wrong for many reasons, personal safety is at the top of the list, a few simple pre-ride precautions and common sense on a ride can make all the difference.

  • Let your ICE contact know where you're going and when you expect to be home.

  • Carry a Satellite messenger or PLB at a minimum, if you haven't got one, ride with someone that does. Check out the Zoleo units here

  • Carry a first aid kit.

  • Check you've packed any medications, and let someone on the ride know where it is.

  • Current ambulance subscription.

  • Personal accident and travel insurance.

  • Food and hydration, regardless of the ride duration or intended stops, carry at least 2 lts of water and some snacks.

  • Helmet, gloves, eye protection and boots. Given the type of riding, wear the appropriate gear. When it comes to boots, MX or Enduro boots such as SIDI or Gaerne SG12 are amongst the best, at minimum, a quality brand adventure boot.

  • Know your bikes fuel range.

  • Keep an eye on local weather reports.

  • If you're riding in a group, be sure you know who the lead and sweep riders are and be sure you understand and follow their instructions for the duration of the trip.

  • Subscribing to Adventure Rider Down is a good idea, there's always someone ready to lend a hand.

  • Most importantly, ride at your own pace.

On supported rides.

In remote areas, we use UHF radios, Satellite tracker and phone as required.

An additional first aid kit, UHF radio and potable water in the support vehicle, lead and sweep riders usually wear hi-vis vests, carry basic tools, first aid kit, tracker and GPS.

A bit of trail etiquette

Passing and overtaking - always allow a fair distance between you and others, when passing don't blast up behind another rider or vehicle and pull out to overtake like a maniac.

Follow basic passing rules, move as far to the side of the track as you can, pass clean and before pulling back in front make sure you've left a good distance so you don't shower others with roost. When passing on tight or rough tracks be sure the other person knows you're there waiting to pass and give them a chance to pull over or slow down for you.

Remember everyone has different abilities so just be considerate.

Slow riders - move over, Fast riders - don't intimidate or mow anyone down.

Groups usually sort themselves out pretty quick and there's always plenty of opportunities for a blast amongst your mates.

Always stop and help a rider that may be struggling, watch out for each other. Same goes for broken down bikes, always offer to help out unless a sweep rider asks you to return to the group.

If the ride is running on the cornerman system, familiarise yourself with the system. It falls into place easily.


Minor injuries, cuts, abrasions, sprains etc

occur regularly and will be self-treated as required and you're advised to seek medical advice at the earliest convenience.

Serious Injuries, breaks, severe bleeding, dehydration etc, the group will stop and make contact with emergency services as soon as possible, at all times following their instructions until help arrives. Never mobilise or relocate a seriously injured rider without consultation with emergency services.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have ambulance cover, personal accident insurance and travel insurance is recommended.

We provide routes using publicly available roads and trails using maps from various sources and we prerun every ride, usually multiple times. It's each riders responsibility to abide by any unforeseen closures or restrictions.

We organise non-competitive events and tours, supported and semi supported rides, we provide team member(s) to assist with navigation and devices.

If an event is considered competitive, it will be promoted with a clear description.

We also, on occasion provide luggage transport.

All riders determine and are solely responsible for the roads, tracks and trails they decide to traverse.

ICE Cards

These are a handy item, free ICE Cards, can be filled out on-line, printed and laminated.

First aid kits

Below is a guide of a Level 1 first aid kit

All riders are encouraged to have some basic first aid items in their bacpack or bumbag

Recommended basic first aid kit.

  • Resuscitation mask x 1

  • Fabric or plastic dressings (bandaids) x 20

  • Adhesive tape x 1

  • Scissors x 1

  • Tweezers x 1

  • Disposable gloves x 3 pairs

  • Sterile gauze swabs x 10

  • Sterile saline x 5

  • Non-adherent dressing 5cm x 2

  • Non-adherent dressing 10cm x 2

  • Crepe bandage 5cm x 2

  • Crepe bandage 7.5cm x 2

  • Crepe bandage 10cm x 1

  • Triangular Bandage x 1

  • Combine dressing 10cm x 5

  • Combine dressing 20cm x 1

  • Instant disposable ice pack x 2 (or access to ice)


Joining any group rides or organised events, make sure you read and understand the risks, liabilities and read our terms and conditions.


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>Safety and common sense


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