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Pre-production test and review: Seat Concepts - '21 KTM690 EU

Want to make your KTM690 even better? Just add a Seat Concepts seat!


Seat Concepts is well known for making quality seats that transform the ride of dual-sport, adventure, quad, and street motorcycles.

Our own 'Special James' wanted a seat for his new 690R, but nothing was available at the time for the EU variant of the popular machine.

The guys at Adventure Moto were ahead of the game and had shipped a base to Seat Concepts in the US so a seat could be made a reality.


Steve from Adventure Moto passed the pre-production seat over for some ride time and evaluation, so after 4,000kms, here's the feedback directly from James.

The fit and finish is typical Seat Concepts quality = top notch.

This seat comes as a complete unit, i.e. foam, cover and seat pan, ready to use. The fit is perfect, actually better than OEM, i.e. less of a gap in some of the places around the plastics.

The seat is extremely comfortable, night & day difference vs the OEM seat. We even tried the KTM power parts seat Adventure Moto ordered in and it was barely any better than the stock seat.

It took a few hundred kilometers to break in and is now a full day comfort seat.

I have not experienced any hotspots around the seams, tailbone or elsewhere on this seat even after long multi-day rides.

The Semi-Grip Top offers enough grip to keep you from sliding around, but not so much that it tries to give you a wedgie every time you brake hard or reposition yourself.

This seat is slightly narrower in the front vs the OEM which helps with reaching the ground when stopped. I am 5'10" with a 32" inseam and I can definitely notice a positive difference in reaching the ground with this seat.

Over the past 4,000 km, it's seen multiple rainy days, with plenty of mud and still cleans up to look like new with a simple washdown.

The seat tested:

- Seat Concepts KTM (2021-22) 690 Enduro R/SMC-R EU5 Complete Seat - (Standard)

- Carbon Fibre Sides/Semi-Grip Top

- Standard Height (available options are Low & Tall)

- Orange Stitching

The difference between the standard and XL seats is that the XL is about 1" wider in the back part of the seat. 10.18" width = Standard, about 11.5" width = XL

At the time of writing, these measurements may be subject to change on final seats and will no doubt be listed on the website when available, which we've been told should be in the first quarter of 2022.

Contact Adventure Moto in Dural for confirmation and pre-orders


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