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Just another day for the RoutePatrol

If this year hasn't already knocked everyone around, the recent rain event and flooding put the icing on the cake, almost!

Safety of riders, Sustainable trails, Respect for communities and emergency services

SCAR, AT4Day & BLITZ5 had already been rescheduled due to flloding, then just 24hrs before the rescheduled BLITZ5, it happened again, adding to the frustration was our 3 day social ride had been plugged straight off the back of it starting on Monday.

So first thing Saturday morning, the RoutePatrol was on duty, re-routing the Social Ride to Jindabyne and clearing trails for an alternative route to avoid flooded causeways and already sensitive trails for the twice rescheduled and re-routed BLITZ5.

940kms later, it pulled into the carwash for a quick clean at 1:30am, after a big day out we're stoked we now have both of these routes with alternatives sorted.


An expected drop in numbers from the weather and being so close to Christmas has now opened up places for both of the rides.

Click on the links to secure your spot , we look forward to seeing you tomorrow for the 3 Day or next weekend for the BLITZ.

If you missed out for any reason, have a great Christmas and safe riding over the break, we'll see you in the year, refreshed and ready to hit the trails.


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