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HEX ezCan

We were approached by HEX Innovate and have been involved in the pre-release testing of the HEX ezCAN Como for the Ducati DesertX.

Testing for the current release has been finalised and the products are now available to purchase from their website or resellers.

There's some new Ducati updates ahead too, and as they're done, any new Beta features will be sent to us first for testing before release.


The ezCAN plugs directly into your motorcycle and listens to the CAN-bus, a plug and play solution to add accessories without the need to cut any wires.

DC said, amongst all the features, just being able to switch aux lights between modes from the factory switches without tapping in to any wires is great.

Fuses are a thing of the past with the ezCAN, as each circuit has an adjustable electronic fuse rating that is user controlled.


Once the Beta testing was completed, it was time to install our own unit and take advantage of the features.

Our preference is to always leave the factory harness untouched, each additional circuit to have it's own fuse, rather than multiple accessories sharing a common fuse, what's the point of running your GPS,USB outlet or Pump wiring off the same one? or worse still, an incorrectly rated or overloaded circuit.

And it's always preferable to remove the tank and shrouds to route wiring correctly rather than just fishing the wires through, not really knowing where they're sitting, or rubbing through that often leads to electrical faults.

There's not a lot of room in the battery compartment to start with on the DesertX, but we've managed to install the HEX ezCAN, 3 individual fuse carriers, a quick disconnect, external SAE, Heated Gear outlet, and power for a twin USB circuit.

A tight fit, but it's turned out pretty good and everything is easily accessible.

More Candle power

The lights on the DesertX aren't great, so we started with extra candle power, wiring our own bike to accomodate a small set of aux lights now and adding an additional circuit to allow a pair of Denali high output lights to be easily fitted later.

For the aux lights, rather than hanging connectors off the frame or somewhere near the shrouds, we've opted to take the harness through to the cavity behind the dash, then run connectors behind the headlight, a little more work is involved, but there's advantages....

  • Connectors are better protected from dust, mud, water and corrosion.

  • Ease of access to test, repair or replace a connector.

  • Adding new lights or changing brands with different connectors is a breeze, accessing the harness is as easy as removing 4 screws for the screen and everything is right in front of you.

Configuring the lights

This part is very easy, download the latest version of the HEX ezCAN configuration software for Windows PC / Mac, connect the USB cable from your ezCAN to your computer, and start configuring.

There's an array of choices, including low/high beam intensity for both day and night, strobing lights on emergency breaking or with the horn, daytime modulation (flickering) for increased visibilty and more.

Once you've set and saved your choices, changing the intensity of the lights or switching them on/off can be done via the cruise control switch. Other brands of bikes will have different ways of controlling these features.


You can find more information on the ezCAN for your BMW,Ducati,Harley,Honda, Husqvarna,KTM or Triumph by visiting the HEX Innovate website here.


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