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CoomaBLITZ - Welcome to Winter Ride.

Updated: Mar 28

The CoomaBLITZ pre-ride is done and, we won't say dusted..there wasn't much of that over the last few days.

The recent cold snap certainly signalled that Winter is coming, and lucky us, we got to ride snow covered trails, although the transport sections were a bit miserable at times.

It was pretty wild, leaving Cooma in these conditions and arriving in Batemans Bay to sunshine and 20degrees in just a few hours.

Anyway, that was our little bit of excitement over the last few days, now on to the changes for this years CoomaBLITZ.


For the last 2 years the RiderRoute has been mostly the same, with 2 sections left out due to on going damage and sink holes, you might remember seeing the one that almost swallowed the CRF1100 on last years pre-ride. The surface looks ok, but there's hidden timber sleepers underneath that were affected when the fires went through and they can give way at any time.

We went for a look again this trip, they've now got machinery on the property rebuilding the access road, but it won't be ready before the BLITZ, so we'll by-pass it again.

The trade off is pretty good though, as there are new sections across the ranges that have opened for the first time since the bushfires, and one of them, although ridden previously, hasn't been in a BLITZ before.

So now we have a blended Day1 and a new Day2, giving us 3 alternatives depending on the weather and any closures that may occur. We'll decide on the exact route in the week leading up to the event, and if we need to make any changes during the ride, we'll let you know. As always, if there's any detours or by-passes required, we'll run the cornerman system for that section.

Welcome to Winter Prize.

Join either of the 2 winter rides, the CoomaBLITZ or OberonBLITZ and you'll be in the draw to win a single share registration to our SCAR (Southcoast Adventure Ride) in September. valued at $905.00

If you've already registered for SCAR and you take out this lucky draw, you'll be refunded the registration.

Register for either winter ride here

1 comment

1 Comment

Unknown member
May 10, 2023

Pop me down for both please 😁

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