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Adventure bike trail stand

Updated: May 21, 2022

Here's the rundown.

This simple little stand is for those emergencies like flat tyres "front or rear" or simply just lubing the chain out on the trail or on the side of the road.

No more looking for logs or rocks to perch your bike on. This little stand collapses down to 375mm and fully extends to 550mm from the foot to the top plate.

The pin is an extra 40mm. Simply slide the pin up inside the foot peg and push your bike over to get the wheel off the ground.

I've got one and it works great. On my central Australia trip I used it every morning to oil the chain. One day it got used 5 times on a Tenere to fix 5 punctures.... Carmino, NSW

There's also bracket kits (sold separately) to aid in balancing the front tyre off the ground also. The foot is designed to work in soft soil or sand (you may still need something under it in really soft sand) and give more stability on the ground.

It will fit most types of enduro style bikes and the bigger off road adventure bikes. B.F Fab can also make custom lengths to suit any bike you want to use this on, incl: road bikes and even up to full size like a Harley or Goldwing.

The stand is small enough to fit in most panniers or you can simply strap to the back of your bike.

A simple & yet Effective accessory. Works perfectly with my loaded DR for lubing the chain & making a dreaded front or rear tyre repair easier. Thanks Brad from B-F-FAB... DR Dan, NSW

Bought one yesterday, an excellent and essential tool to have along...James, NSW

If you'd like to get hold of one of these little rippa's, head to the XploreMoto online store

Prices start at $64.95 and a flat rate postage within Australia applies.


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