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Is the BMW Navigator OK for navigation rides?

We compiled a list of errors and problems encountered by users with the BMW Navigator over the last year.

Using existing RiderRoutes and newly created test files, we went out for a 2 day ride focusing on the device operation and in particular, known hotspots where problems have been encountered.

The result?

Faultless navigation of tracks and trips, no missed waypoints, exact on and offroad navigation, app integration and data transfer.

There's a couple of small visual limitations when compared to the Montana series of Garmin units, (which can be overcome) by pairing a smart phone.

Is it the best for offroad navigation?

Our choice for offroad navigation still remains the Garmin Montana series, but the BMW Navigator is more than capable, for following a loaded .gpx file, be it a track, route or a device created trip.

It works perfectly fine (if the files are created with device limitations in mind) and you're happy to make some allowances when it comes to some information not being readily available on the main screen.


Our Navigation rides are designed to improve your skills with navigation devices, let's face it, when you want to head out on a ride there isn't always going to be track markers or arrows to follow.

With our RiderRoute files customised for the Nav, and tips for user settings, you'll never miss a turn, waypoint or check in again.

Join us on a future BLITZ and become better at navigating Your Ride, Your Way.

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