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GPS File recovery

5 devices succesfully restored in the last 14days.

If you're going to hand your device to someone to load .gpx files, make sure they know what files to 'not move or delete' which could leave you with error warnings, no basemaps or worse, a siezed GPS.

It's not difficult to do right, but it can be easily done wrong!

Loading files is not the deep dark science some will have you believe.

If you're coming on any of our Navigation rides, you have the option of loading the files yourself, calling us in advance and we can do it over the phone with you or via a live connection (must be booked, charges apply), or just bring it to the prestart and we'll do it for you.

Here's some great feedback rec'd from Russel Patterson after we fixed his Montana

My Garmin Montana had failed to work properly since GPX files had been added and removed recently. It gave error message 'maps cannot be unlocked.'

After Googling the issue with no success, I messaged Darren Cook at Ride360, as the most knowledgeable person about these things I have found along my way through lots of adventure riding. He did not disappoint!

It took a while to diagnose the problem using texts & phone calls, including the use of 'AnyDesk' to check the files remotely on my device.

Once the problem was diagnosed he sent me the files I needed to replace my lost and corrupted ones and stepped me through the process. Thankyou Darren, you certainly do deserve legendary status when it comes to the complicated world of GPS, gpx files and the multitude of GPS units people are using. Thanks mate, much appreciated.


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