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2024 BarringtonBLITZ Wrap up.

Updated: Jun 23

What a ride!

DC headed to Gloucester for a final course check in the RoutePatrol, the days leading up to the BarringtonBLITZ were superb, sunshine and temps reaching 20 degrees, we couldn't of asked for better 'winter' conditions.

A few riders mentioned coming through rain bombs late Friday, but we remained optimistic for the 2 days ahead of us.

But, it wasn't to be, Day1 we had cold weather and just enough light rain to make the trails greasy.

Everyone did exceptionally well, riding to the conditions and generally being cautious, especially on the Big Bikes.

20 creeks had come up a little, with a couple having deep holes, one bike was claimed and ended up on the trailer.

Then came the short mudfest, taking down a couple of bikes, chocking up wheels and giving us a decent workout, nothing like walking up and down hills with 20kg of mud on each boot to give the quads a burn.

After a steady downhill for the support ute and another bike on the trailer with a dead clutch, we were just about out of daylight.

By the time the 4WD, trailered bikes and crew bikes were pressure washed, we got in around 10pm.

Great weather arrived for Day2, although after yesterday's mission and knowing what would of been in the 1st section, we made the call to alter todays route, and it worked out perfectly.

Some riders saying this was the most challenging ride they'd ever done, yep, great trails can turn bad very quickly....'just add water'.

Thankyou to all our customers and crew for making this such a great adventure ride, we can't wait to do it all again.

Although we always try to avoid such conditions, both for rider safety and respect for the environment and roads, the nature of Adv Riding and mother nature can sometimes be unpredictable, thanks to everyone for riding sensibly and getting through safely.

You can upload your own photo's to the shared album.

If you loved this ride as much as we did, please leave a review.

We've already had lots of messages after the BarringtonBLITZ for a rerun.

We don't have it on the immediate calendar, but you can do either of the days routes if you're joining us for GSR Stage2 in September, including 20 creeks again, or if it's another mudfest, there is an alternate section.

Register for GSR Stage2 here


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