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Wombeyan Caves Road update

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Update: 9:30am Aug 25th, 2020

Road closed signs still in place, council has more damage to rectify from recent natural occurrences before signs come down. It's passable, just still technically closed.

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The situation is unchanged, the road is still closed.

There has been some positive movement towards getting the section between Goodmans Ford and Langs Rd open sooner than expected.

Over the coming weekends crews will be working on more signage including guide posts and warnings.

Although some of the roads are clearer than they have been and previous damage rectified, the road remains closed except for residents at this stage.

Road closed signs are still in operation from the Mittagong and Taralga sides.

Amongst all the roadworks and upgrades, we have received our approval to access the roads for our reloaded BLITZ 1 Ride, which will be updated soon.

Save the date, 25th July 2020, registrations open here tomorrow, the 16th Jun

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