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Wombeyan Caves Road update

Updated: May 22, 2020

A trip through Wombeyan Caves is a popular route between Mittagong and Taralga NSW.

Popular attractions include the hand formed Bullio Tunnel, the Wollondilly River Station and Wombeyan Caves camp ground.

After the Green Wattle Creek fire, much of the area has been closed since late 2019. The road suffered extensively, obviously trees were down everywhere with one section alone requiring over 200 trees to be cleared, large amounts of erosion has occurred.

The situation as of the 18/3/2020

  • (RED) Wombeyan Caves Road is expected to be closed until Mar 2021

  • (BLUE) Langs Road is expected to reopen within 7-14 days, possibly stretching out to 21 days, so between the 25th Mar and 8th Apr.

The areas fall within 2 shires, repairs, access and responsibility is shared so this is a consideration when travelling the area and checking road closures.

The road condition will remain 'ordinary' due to a lack of water and other essentials into the near future.


Tip: Don't rely on the NSW Live Traffic app, the app seemed to be great during the fires, but as things are settling down it doesn't give all the info you could be looking for.

As you can see in the image below, it shows no incidents or roadworks along that section, which we know is incorrect, we've logged countless track, trail and road closures and turn backs over 15 RiderRoutes that are never listed on Live Traffic.

The problem with these updates is that it relies on RMS, during the fires it was accurate because the information came from multiple sources.

You might see a road closed sign in your travels, but it could be where the council responsibility ends and forestry or national parks controls that road asset. So it's wise to check closures from each source.

Once Langs Road is officially open, we'll ride it and update the Rider Route files, BLITZ routes and local tour maps with any relevant changes.

See you out there!

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