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What a great week for NAVIG8

In the last few days we've had some new members sign up, over 2187kms uploaded to the Kilometre Kruncher challenge, 5 more riders registered for the challenge, the member categories #MyRides and #MyEvents activated and questions that have been asked added to a new FAQ section.

2 members used the MyRides blog to see how it worked and we spoke to them both, it was great to hear it worked easily for them, Derek is yet to add a story to his pic and PJ added a short post with some pics.

Darren spoke with PJ last night, he had a cracker of a day. On his first ride out, he set 738kms in the Kilometre Kruncher Challenge, grabbed a silver token motocache and uploaded the information at the end of the day, after a meal and a cold beer!

PJ said what he really liked was being able to plan his trip and just ride, knowing he could upload the information at anytime during or after the day meant his ride wasn't bogged down worrying about phone signal or internet connection needing to 'ping' an immediate record.

A big day from PJ, and if you've ridden Captains Crossing in the wet, on a big'll know it's not the easiest ride.

He's now in first place for the Iron Man trophy too! He's away on the bike for a few more days yet, maybe we'll see a bigger distance from him?

Well done PJ, we're looking forward to reading about your trip when you're done.

And Dave Makin is ahead on the Kilometre Kruncher so far with 1138kms uploaded.


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