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Trail Trace - Active Rider Location

Riders get lost, bikes break down, accidents can, and do happen.

We've seen a few incidents in the last 12 months, and fortunately all riders have either fully recovered, or are well on their way.

Each time an incident has happened, emergency services have praised our response, actions and systems.

Improving even further and during selected (larger) events, we'll be running a back to base satellite monitoring system, starting off with Zoleo Communicator users.

If you currently use Zoleo, instructions will be provided or we can set you up prior to the event.

We also have some Hire units available that can be converted to a subscription fee for the duration of these events.

At all other times you head out solo or with a group, we encourage you to explore the many Group Ride solutions and use one that suits your needs.

We use PLB's, Garmin inReach and Zoleo Communicators, our preference is the Zoleo as it's proven time and time again to be faster and more convenient than other 2 way communicators and the list of included add-ons continues to expand.

Ride360 is an authorised stockist, we carry the units in stock and have them for sale through our website here, prices shown are the Australian Recommended Retail price, we generally don't bother competing on price with other discounters, customers should contact us for special event pricing.

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