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Take a visit to Depot Beach

Depot Beach, NSW
Depot Beach, NSW

Take a walk on the Rock Platform near Depot Beach to fascinating rockpools offering excellent bird watching and scenic ocean views of the South Coast.

The rock platforms near Depot Beach, form part of Batemans Marine Park, and offer a rare opportunity to observe the fascinating marine worlds of the intertidal zone. Only accessible at low tide, it’s a perfect place for the kids to discover the wonders of nature.

Following the short walk, stop to take in the unending views of unspoilt beaches and rocky headlands. Here the spotted gum forests reach right down to the ocean. The nearby Island is a shorebird rookery and makes for excellent birdwatching. Sooty oyster catchers, white-faced storm petrels and even little penguins can be seen here.

Discover the seething mass of life within the rockpools, such as sea urchins, crabs and tiny fish. With one eye in the watery worlds and another on the incoming tide, head back for a barbecue at Depot Beach picnic area.


The short way in (south): Turn off the Princes Hwy at East Lynne, via Mount Agony Road.

The fun way (north): Head in from Bawley Point Road and explore the coastal tracks.

You'll find approx nine main tracks leaving the Princes Hwy between these two entrances which lead to many smaller trails.


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