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RideToStopSuicide 2019 RiderRoute


The 2019 NSW RideToStopSuicide route and information has been provided for those that are joining us on Sunday from Wollongong.

You can choose to ride with the lead/sweep rider or follow the route yourself, we'll go through it in more detail at the briefing.


The route is also available for all site members and NAVIG8 subscribers.

This route is a trimmed down version only and specific for the ride, so it doesn't include all waypoints, pictures or tourism information for the area.

It's a great loop and includes some well known and must do trails and points of interest in the area, so you can download now and ride it anytime.


Once the official RiderRoute is published in Xplore, subscribers will be notified of updated information, including route images, track and waypoint additions and maps.

Standard site members can continue to access the current route from the link above.



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