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Ride Passport - any event, one annual registration.

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

With Covid bringing more rescheduled events than ever before, it's really highlighted the amount of work required for our customers and our admin team when switching between events, sometimes two and three times.

There must be an easier way

Yep, there is...

Starting next year, you'll only need to fill out one annual registration form, then when you select an event, tick the Ride Passport ticket, pay your registration and we'll take care of the rest, no more entering all the same information time and time again.

If you haven't ridden with us before but think you might at some stage in the year ahead, you can just complete the Ride Passport and book your selected event(s).

All you'll need to do is email us if there's any changes and we'll update the records.

The Ride Passport will be activated soon, we'll email you a link to complete your details in December, and all events in 2022 will be updated with this ticket type.

Ride Passport - any event, one annual registration

Updated 23/10/2021: Ride Passport is now ready, see here

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