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Ride grading.

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Ride grading system | RIDE360
Ride grading system | RIDE360

Every group and individual riders have their own ideas on grading, here's ours.

0. Road

All sealed roads.

1.Scenic 50.

Mixed sealed and unsealed roads, country backroads, gravel and easy dirt sections.

2. Easy.

For the 'getting better' rider, open trails, dirt and easy obstacles.

3. Moderate.

Your average trail ride with some technical sections, usually rocks, logs, creeks, hills and single track, a diverse ride and the most fun for average & intermediate riders.

4. Challenging.

Be prepared for anything from deeper water crossings to over grown single trail. Hill climbs, sand and mud.

For the competent rider that enjoys mixing enduro sections and longer days on the bike.

5. Tough.

Experienced riders only, may include very long days, deep sand, larger rocks, logs and technical, remote terrain.

A good level of bike fitness is required.


What some riders find easy could be difficult for others, we'll always try and be realistic with the grading.

Most rides will suit you if:

  • You have at least some offroad bike riding experience.

  • Are prepared for unexpected conditions.

  • Are interested in a fun and inclusive riding environment.

  • Expect to help others in the group and be helped in return.

  • Are passionate about sustainable land access.

  • Respect the need to ride responsibly.

If a ride may be considered 'harder than average' it will be highlighted on the ride page.

We look forward to riding with you soon.


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And then the rain comes, turning a Scenic50 into a 5 :) just like that!



Good grading, i remember when getting back into the ADV side of things and group rides that i wish there was more of these put out there..... not for the ones to not go on but for the ones TOO go on....

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