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NEW - 'Lock it with a deposit'

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Last year we introduced our deposit option & 'fee free' instalments for the larger events like Mountain Lakes and the AT 4Day.

Our customer feedback was extremely positive, with many appreciating they could still lock their place and budget their finances better.

As of today (27/01/2023) the 'Lock it with a deposit' has been added to all tours and events of 4 or more days duration.

If you choose this option, simply select the deposit option from the available tickets and register paying the specified deposit amount on checkout.

You'll be invoiced for the balance with the due date that was shown on the event ticket, you can choose to pay by installments or a lump sum by the due date.

Payment options include credit card or bank transfer by EFT.

Even if you pay by credit card, there are no extra fees.

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