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New Adv Ride challenge for 2020 coming next week.

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Our latest challenge series will be activated on the website next week with the first 2 day ride being set for Feb 2020.


ATS: Average Time Series

A series of one, two and three day rides of selected routes, all pre-ridden with some points of interest added, timed checkpoints, (start/finish).

An average, or estimated time will be calculated during the pre-ride and set for each event, closest to the set time wins. It's that easy.

The set time will be in a sealed envelope at the final destination in advance of ride, it will be opened by an independant person at presentation and the winner announced.

Registration for each ride will be $250 with $100 from every registration being pooled for a 1,2,3 place prize.

60% for 1st.

30% for 2nd.

10% for 3rd.

So if there's 10 , that's $1000 in prizes, $600 1st, $300 2nd, $100 3rd.

The example scale will be locked for up to 30 entries.

The more riders, the bigger the pool!

Could you imagine getting 30 entries and being the winner!!

Prizes can be claimed immediately after each event and be used at any of our sponsors stores, if you don't need anything right away, you can arrange a store credit with them or claim a portion of the prize in exchange for items such as fuel cards, accomodation etc.

We'll be using an average or estimated time set during the pre ride, this is not balls out racing, courses will be set across public roads and trails and normal road rules apply.

But one things for sure, it'll be an absolute blast.

So check back next week for the latest updates on this and other events for the year ahead

See you out there!

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