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NAVIG8 Xplore

Our next site update should be live soon and will include improvements on how to search Motocaches and the upcoming Rider Route feature.

Called NAVIG8 Xplore, Motocaches will be searchable by state and each Motocache will have it's own page with a bit of information, gpx coordinates and their own gpx file. If the motocache appears in a Rider Route, it will be linked there as well.

The existing map finder will remain and be updated too. NAVIG8 Xplore will be a simple dropdown and even easier to use on mobiles.

Lots of features to be added and we've already started building a whole new framework to test at the end of the year. ..............................


ps, because we're building this update off our existing members area, you may be getting hammered with notifications, you can switch that feature on/off at any time from your profile. Visit the FAQ page if you want to change your settings.

It'll look something like this

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