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NAVIG8 'the moto game'

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

NAVIG8 'the moto game'

Get on your bike and ride, earn rewards, win prizes, share amazing experiences and locations, inspire others to get out there too.

Go when and where you want, travel by road or offroad, a solo adventure or just a day trip here and there.

It's Your Ride | Your Way


In 2017 I was on my way back home from a ride in North Qld, I came across some letters painted on a rock and tagged a mate (PJ) in the pic, saying something like, ' bloody hell, I just left and the bugger's still following me'

We caught up again not long after that and thought it'd be a great way to share rides and great locations to visit. Funnily enough, we'd both been thinking of something like this for a long time, to drop points of interest on the GPS and share it amongst other riders and see who could find it first.

Over the next couple of weeks I set a few waypoints between Townsville and Sydney, PJ sent me a couple and like many new ideas, not much really happened for a while.

Then during my 7 month ride around Australia on The RideToStopSuicide, it all seemed to make sense, there's so many incredible places, attractions, scenic roads and many out of the way places we take for granted, we think because we're there now, everyone else has been there too......but over and over I heard, 'I've gotta get there one day', or 'it's on my bucket list'!


After holding a NAVIG8 ride out of Wollongong, I was working on the calendar for 2019 and PJ posted and tagged me in a pic from his latest ride in Nth Qld, of the same place over a year later.

So I guess you could say, the idea was now set in stone..(excuse the pun)



It's a simple concept, GO RIDE, be it solo, in a group, during a holiday, or weekend away, hit a waypoint, find a cache, there's some fun challenges, puzzles to solve, prizes,rewards and lot's more.

Register for our NAVIG8 moto game, ride when and where you want.

Each month, new locations will be released, including instant prizes, others are tokens to accumulate towards an annual tally for the prize pool.

Some will be promoted by the waypoint/cache sponsor and come with discounts or special offers, and there's a mix of road and offroad locations too.

Earn extra tokens by setting your own waypoint, send it to us to be released, and share for others to hit, the more hits, the more rewards on your player card.

Registration is only $29.95 for 12 months (Jan 1st to Dec 31st) so far there's around 5k of prizes up for grabs.


It won't be weighed down with multiple apps or caching systems forcing you to buy programs. Points of interest, caches, puzzles and challenges will be shared or delivered electronically to everyone and can also be downloaded from our cloud, instructions can be printed too, so you can use your choice of navigation system. All you need to do is verify you achieved it.


We've got a special offer open now for 50 people, be one of those and be in the draw for one of five $20.00 fuel voucher.

Register now


Your Ride Your Way

More updates and details will available in the registered members area as the waypoints and caches are released.

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