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NAVIG8 subscribers, you can now write your own blogs.

Now when you log in as a member to our website you'll see a member's area under the Blog tab.

As a NAVIG8 subscriber you'll be able to chat with other members,  add your own blog posts,  manage comments on your own posts,  subscribe to others and customise notifications. You can subscribe to blog notifications too, so each time someone posts you'll receive an email to let you know about it. You can switch it off if it's too much.

You may not see everyone in the members area yet,  the search and discovery module will learn depending on users interaction. 

All members can view and comment on posts,  although only NAVIG8 users can write their own blogs. 

Give it a test run,  post a blog about a recent ride,  a one day trip or Epic outback adventure. 

Create a catchy title,  craft your Adventure story,  add some media and select the 'MyRides' category, hit publish and share away. 

As always,  there'll be a mystery prize for the best post submitted through January. 

Share YourRide,  YourWay!

This feature works on all devices, although the functions and appearance may vary, so have a look around and get familiar with it. 

More features coming soon! 

See you out there.  Darren. 

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