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Mistakes were made, here's an apology :)

Mistakes were made, here's an apology!

From the messages and emails we've recieved since announcing SCAR would be run every 2nd year, we'd seriously underestimated how dissapointed our customers would be, both return riders and new riders that were hoping to do it in 2024.

Later this week, we will send out an expression of interest for 2024 to everyone on the mailing list, for SCAR and a new Southcoast ride.

Numbers will be capped at 30 for each of these events.

If you've never ridden a GPS Navigation ride before, you'll be required to complete one of our BLITZ Rides or a one day Introductory ride on the NSW Southcoast (January 2024)

No one knows the Southcoast better than us, we can't wait to share it with you.

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