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Merry Christmas

G'day Riders,

We'd like to send a great big THANKYOU for supporting us this year, and what a ride it's been.

From Bushfires, Floods and Covid, everyone has been stretched to ridiculous levels, we really hope you take time out to recharge the batteries and share some good times with family, friends and loved ones.

Like most small businesses in these trying times, we had to work our butts off harder than ever to deliver our events. There was so much uncertainty and at times the anxiety was through the roof, knowing the Covid bubble could burst anytime ending plans in an instant.

Our regular wrap up's after each event fell to the side, our time was consumed ensuring we could get the next event up and running, checking restrictions, even a simple restaurant or accomodation booking became a tedious, time consuming giant excercise.

In the end, only two events and the Bike Minded camps were pulled from the calendar, we managed to achieve all 6 BLITZ Events plus the change of the AT4 Day from Vic to Barrington Tops.

We also launched the XploreMoto online store, and in the last few weeks put together a cracking new Africa's been hectic!

None of this would have happened without you, our customers, riders and friends, and we are extremely grateful beyond words, that you chose Ride360 to enjoy your adventure rides in 2020.

THANKYOU for an amazing year, we can't wait to tackle 2021 together.

Ride Safe, Ride Far and we'll see you out on the trails soon.


Trading hours and Ride Calendar.

XploreMoto: online orders can be made 24/7, deliveries resume from 4th Jan 2021

Events: calendar will be updated and released Jan 2021, once again we'll be watching the current and ever changing restrictions and some events may not be released in the first update.

Challenges: see challenge page for details.

Blog and updates: updates will continue and we'll monitor submissions during the break, response times will vary.

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