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Kilometre Kruncher on the Grom

Myself and a mate on his brand new standard Grom, tackled a trip which usually would've been an overnighter, but where's the Adventure in that?.

After a 6am departure and heading over the 'freezing' blue mountains, we stopped at Capertee for breakfast, then headed to Hill End and Sofala.

We had everything today, from freeway, highways, fast twisty tar roads and even Mount Panorama, flat, open flowing dirt roads all the way to lots of steep rock crawling terrain that certainly tested our Groms suspension, our endurance and our wits as the middle of the day heated up.

Finally arriving home at 10pm.

Stoked to add a 512km trip to qualify my Kilometre Kruncher challenge too!

If you love these little bikes as much as I do, check out my page at Grom Adventures Downunder on facebook.

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