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July-Aug event updates: 7th Jul 2022

It's pretty hard not to feel deflated with yet another round of widespread floods, our hearts go out to everyone impacted by this latest weather event.

Homes lost, businesses turned upside down, and for many it happened just as they were starting recovery and smiles were returning.

BigBLITZ & Wisemans

We have placed both of these events on hold for now and will update once things settle.

BigBLITZ will be updated a little closer to the event date, leaving enough time for a final route check, we already know the start location would need to change as both Jamberoo Mountain and Kangaroo Valley have had more closures due to damage.

The overall damage to Wombeyan Caves is still unknown, so too is Swallow Tail, but both have been impacted significantly, Kanangra Walls and Jenolan Caves are also closed due to damage with engineers already on the job, hopeful for a late July opening.

Not just the trails, but something we don't always consider is the booked accommodation at times has to make way for disaster crews and road engineers so changes can come that we may not anticipate, nor should we stand in the way of these essential services.

If we can run BigBLITZ, we will let you know.


Wisemans, to put it politely, the area has been flogged. Del Rio has once again gone under water, so too surrounding areas. It's much worse than previous flooding, with an absolute best case scenario of October for any chance of reopening.

It's too early to consider alternatives, we already have a busy couple of months with the remaining planned events. We don't want to mislead anyone with false hopes.

As always though, we'll do our damn best to keep you updated.

Keep an eye on our EventSMS and event news mail outs for updates, stay dry, stay safe and we hope to see you on the trails real soon.

Until then, we hope you top up your tanks and get out for a RIDE.

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