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Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone, thanks for joining us in 2019....we're super stoked to roll over the year into what will be an amazing 2020.

We hope this message finds you all safe and well no matter where you are, and please, if you're around our neck of the woods on the NSW South Coast or anywhere else affected by the bushfires, PLEASE STAY SAFE.

To everyone sending messages through,thankyou, but we are safe and our property has not been affected, we've only had glowing skies and ash, the fire hasn't crossed the river and we're a fair distance from any threat.

To all that have been impacted, words can't describe how we wish you all the very best in the trying times ahead.


With the recent events, our site updates and final challenge uploads have been delayed today and will be completed by tomorrow afternoon, we know you understand and thanks for your patience.

Ride Safe | Ride Far

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