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GSR Stage 1 is live, book your place today.

We're absolutley stoked to say GSR 1 is now live.

Sometimes you just want a great ride without the add-ons, so here they are

Part of a 6 Stage series of incredible and affordable rides, the GSR Series is GO.

Starting with GSR 1

From the mouth of the Snowy River at Marlo, Victoria, to the vibrant coastal village of Huskisson in NSW.

4 days of epic riding through rainforests, mountainous landscapes, pine forests, farmland and valleys....

The first prerun has been completed, we're still buzzing at just how good it is.

New format, new routes, great value and the same quality our customers expect, we're excited, stoked and basically jumping around like fools waiting for this one.

And as an added bonus, there's an introductory special saving you $100

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