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Great news for the BLITZ Series as travel restrictions ease.

Updated: May 23, 2020

Today's announcement is brilliant, further easing of restrictions in NSW means we can start to plan and reschedule future events.

We're not jumping the gun to set new dates immediately, or too far ahead just yet, but we're definitely excited at being able to put the BLITZ events on the calendar soon.

The events will be posted as they're confirmed, with possible changes to the sequence and consideration to the areas we visit must be made.

Our willingness to get wheels in the dirt as soon as we can is being held back just a little, we're expecting and keeping fingers crossed for BLITZ#1 to be set for mid June.

As events are updated, they'll appear on our events page under the Current Events header.

You can find more details on the Barkbusters BLITZ Series here

Let's hope there's a continued return to 'normality' or whatever the new normal is, if the restrictions continue to ease, we'll be able to deliver all 6 BLITZ Rides for the year.


Source: ABC News

The NSW Government has confirmed regional travel in the state will be allowed for any reason, including holidays, from June 1.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian had remained cautious on lifting travel restrictions despite introducing more relaxed measures elsewhere last week.

She said at the time NSW would not be hasty in reintroducing recreational trips to regional communities, but that the situation was being closely monitored.

The lifting of the ban will come as relief to struggling regional tourism operators, who have been hit by the twin disasters of both the bushfires and the coronavirus lockdown. 

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