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GoSolo Rides and Routes

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Since introducing our RiderRoutes back in 2019 and afterwards, the GoSolo ticket option to some of our events, we set about making some changes and have added the GSR's to our collection.

The beginning of GoSolo Rides and Routes

Many factors led to adding this new format, here's just a few.​

  • Requests to re-run some of our events, either because they're favorites that riders want to do again or they fell at a time on the calendar that some couldn't attend.

  • Requests from riders that like to organise their own itinerary and manage their own expenses.

  • Our previous short term RiderRoutes subscription model that was used for the Trailblazer and some local routes was successful, after many requests, it makes sense to bring it back and expand on it.

  • We have the well known events, ie: AT4Day, BLITZ, Mountain Lakes and SCAR, we wanted to leave those untouched.

So we put all of these together and came up with the GSR Format.

GSR Rides allow us to retain existing events, re-run favorites when time or demand is there.

We call them lightweight, because they're a simplified format and with these reductions are lighter on your wallet too!


  • These are GPS navigation rides, you'll need to have a GPS or Phone with a Navigation app. If you're new to navigation rides and need some help deciding on what to use, please contact us, we're here to help.

  • There may be no support vehicle/recovery trailer or luggage transport, so check each GSR Ride information page for specific details.

  • You should have comprehensive insurance and roadside assist, or a contact to transport you and/or your bike home in case of damage or breakdown.

  • We provide a quality RiderRoute in .gpx format for your navigation device, and sweep riders to assist with any difficulties along the way.

  • Please read the rider information pages

GSR Routes will be able to be purchased, downloaded and ridden when you want, either individually or in a RoutePack. coming in 2024.

Adding the GSR Rides and Routes to our collection means you have more choices, from a simple GoSolo Ride, our 2&3 Day BLITZ events to the more inclusive and fully supported events like the AT4Day and Mountain Lakes.

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