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Goldentyre Rally and Adv tyres - GT723, GT823.

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

There's been some changes to the codes for Goldentyre Adv and Rally tyres, this might clear up some of the confusion when choosing the right one for your bike.

Starting with the front, the original tyre was the GT723, it came in two front sizes, a 90/90-21 and 90/100-21 (Fatty)

The tyre was redesigned and from that came two offerings.

The first is the GT723R, with the R denoting 'Rally' and only available as a 90/100-21 (Fatty). The tyre is more suited to dualsport, rally or Adv bikes up to the 700 class.

The R is the result of reducing weight, adding flexibility to the carcass for bump compliance and finally the compound and tread pattern were tweaked to help drive and grip in softer terrain.

It's DOT and F.I.M approved, although it's not recommended for aggressive highway use.

The second front tyre from the redesign brought the most recent GT823KH, which is available in the more commonly used 90/90-21 size.

This front is also suitable for the larger Adv bikes.

Both tyres retain the original knobby style tread.


The rear tyres have undergone changes also, the GT723 was originally available in both 140/80-18 and 150/70-18 sizes, but just like the fronts the 723 rear was redesigned to better suit harder dualsport riding and Rally Raid competition use for bikes up to the 700 class, and is now known as the GT723RH

The GT723RH rear is available in 140/80-18.


The next rear tyre available in the larger 150/70-18 size is the 823KH. This new tyre has a different compound, is manufactured in a new facility, it's said to be tougher and more durable with increased traction and handling characteristics on-road while retaining the same offroad performance as the highly successful GT723 Adventure.

The most noticeable on the rear tyre is the change in tread design, wider spacing and tapered large knobs on every second row. The design offers improved hook up in softer terrain, less clogging with better self cleaning in muddy conditions.

A harder carcass and improved layout of the radial ply thanks to the new manufacturing process allows wider spacing and maintains one of the previous 723's standouts...resistance to chunking and punctures.

We ran the first set in Australia late last year and there's no doubt, it's a great tyre.

So in summary, here's what's available in the current Rally / Adv tyres.


90/90-21: GT823KH - Dualsport/Rally/Large Adv

90/100-21: GT723R - Dualsport/Rally/Mid Adv


140/80-18: GT723RH - Dualsport/Rally/Mid Adv

150/70-18: GT823KH - Dualsport/Rally/Large Adv

Other sizes are yet to be confirmed.


  • DOT and F.I.M. approved.

  • Designed for Adventure, Cross Country / Desert, Enduro Rally / Enduro.

  • All-terrain compound.

  • Polygonal knobs placed as an arrow on the sidewall give excellent acceleration and cornering traction


We've ran more GT723 and 823 Adventure tyres in Australia than anyone, if you need any help deciding what's right for you, give Darren a call on 0403 234 421 or email

Our subscribers can now purchase directly from us too, log in with your account and visit the store.

Our store controls inventory correctly and if it lets you check out, that means we have it.

If it's on the way to us, an available shipping date to you will be shown on the product, we'll ship it as soon as it arrives.

If the product shows nil stock, it won't let you checkout.

With the current situation surrounding Covid-19, we're unable to 'hold' items or apply credits to tyres.

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