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GoldenTyre | New Big Bike tyres in 2019

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

GT823 | expected in Australia late 2019
GT823 | expected in Australia late 2019

There's a new tyre from GoldenTyre and it's expected in Australia around October 2019, we'll have it to test and compare to the GT723 as soon as they land. Read our previous article here.

For now, here's what we can tell you, and it might clear up some of the confusion when selecting your next GoldenTyre.


The Rear

The current GT723 Adventure is gone, in it's place and stepping up another level is the GT823, the new tyre has a different compound, manufactured in a new facility, it's said to be tougher and more durable with increased traction and handling characteristics on-road while retaining the same offroad performance as the highly successful GT723 Adventure.

The most noticeable on the rear tyre is the change in tread design, wider spacing and tapered large knobs on every second row. The design offers improved hook up in softer terrain, less clogging with better self cleaning in muddy conditions.

A harder carcass and improved layout of the radial ply thanks to the new manufacturing process allows wider spacing and maintains one of the previous 723's standouts...resistance to chunking and punctures.

So the offerings available for rears now will look like this


GT723 Adventure (discontinued)


All final sizes are yet to be confirmed, although it's believed the GT823KH will continue with existing GT723 Adventure tyre sizes, while the GT723R will still be available in 140/80-18 but not the 150/70-18.


The Front

Currently there are two 21" GT723 Adventure tyres, the 90/90-21 and the 90/100-21 (Fatty)

These are also seeing changes and sizes available in the 21" range will be:

GT823KH 90/90-21

GT723R 90/100-21

The new GT823KH Front and rear tyres
The new GT823KH Front and rear tyres


Subscribers can purchase Goldentyres here


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