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Features to be added or updated.

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Continually improving the platform to be the best at being different is one of our top goals.

As features or improvements are taken from the wants and needs list, they're tested first and then set to be added.

There's no need for you to download new versions or fancy tech stuff.

Tip: regularly refreshing your browser and dumping junk will keep your user experience at it's best.

There's a lot of additions and as they're confirmed, we'll list them below.

Confirmed additions:

All waypoints and motocaches will include.

  • a link to download a. gpx file for individual waypoints.(completed 15th April 19)

  • visible written coordinates. (completed 15th April 19)

  • Dropdown search bar to motocache finder, grouped waypoints by state. (added 25th Jan 19).

This means it'll be even easier to export/import into your own planning tool or device. As well as open up directly in Google Maps or your preferred mobile app.

These do not apply to generic area or proximity based motocaches.

Other fixes

Images not displaying on Firefox Browser (updated and now supported 20/2/219)

15/4/19 NAVIG8 Xplore (v1.0) - completed.

16/4/19 Tested downloads of files for desktops and mobiles, see article & tips

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