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Event updates, 3rd Aug 2020

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

The past 10 months has sure been a rollercoaster ride, if the bushfires weren't enough, Covid has certainly stepped up as the threat to everything we all love and enjoy.

Like so many, we've continued to work our butts off, to adapt, change, reschedule and fit within the guideliness imposed and maintaining our own beliefs of just 'doing the right thing' when it comes to our events and the impacts on the community.

We're extremely proud of the work we've achieved behind the scenes, the support from our riders, customers and industry supporters that have come together in so many different ways over the past events and as we keep heading towards an exciting and sustainable future.

Something that has blown us away, is that our customers continue to tell us we should charge more for our BLITZ Events, whilst that's very humbling to hear, we're not about to dig deeper into anyone's pockets and go against our committment to deliver our events at a realistic price.

Pre-Covid, we had planned on lifting the cap on entries and increasing the number of rides offered during the year, we'll stick with that plan and keep individual registration prices the same for the BLITZ through 2020 and 2021.

Below is a quick update on the status of events.


  • BLITZ 1, has been rescheduled twice so far, new date expected to be announced late Sep, completed.

  • BLITZ 2 & 3, completed.

  • BLITZ4, completed.

  • BLITZ5: 26th-27th Sep, completed.

  • BLITZ6: 24th-25th Oct, completed.

All events pending Covid changes at any time.

Adventure Touring 4Day

(Nov 20-23), tickets currently on hold, pending Covid updates.

Due to Covid and the difficulties in organising the intended event, we're trimming the fat off this one and running it in a similar way to our extremely popular BLITZ Rides.

We feel it's a smarter approach in the current climate. It reduces time, outgoings and related expenses and keeps the registration fee affordable for riders.

With the simplified format, we're able to slash more than half the price off this event, meaning you'll pay just $420.00 for 4 days. Includes, lead, sweep rider, detailed GPS files and pre-ridden routes, 4WD backup vehicle with trailer and luggage transport.

You pay for personal expenses incl: accomodation, meals and fuel.

Barrett Products 3Day

Rescheduled to early 2021


Additional Routes and connector trails being added through Aug/Sep, a date for a group ride of the BLAZE1 RiderRoute will be announced soon.

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