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Enduristan soft luggage #1

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

This week we recieved our first luggage pack from Enduristan and it's now been fitted on the MapBike.

Impressive quality, storage capacity and weight reduction from the previous set up. Everything that was used on a 7 month trip around Australia fits easily into this rackless setup.

Until now the bike had pannier racks, a mounted tool tube, auxiliary Nomad fuel tank and Mosko Moto luggage. We'll be running different gear from the Enduristan range, so these items were removed to allow fitment of each style as intended and will be refitted as needed to suit the changing set ups.

We'll be swapping sizes and products over the year ahead, from one day to multi day camping and mapping rides, as the kit is swapped out we'll add some pics and video's along the way.

This is our full travel and camping kit, the tailbag is still empty so there's room for some snacks, a camera or whatever else might be needed.

Being the full travel and camping kit, it still needs to be equipped with our long range NOMAD fuel tank, we need to make up some spacers for the B&B luggage plate and check fitment of straps when using the tank.

Products fitted so far

Enduristan Blizzard XL, 2 x 17 Litre soft panniers.

Enduristan Tornado 2S, 20 Litre duffle.

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The full travel/camping kit now comes in at 17.58kgs vs the previous 31.68kgs

All the gear was weighed and the actual difference in luggage (empty) is 14.1kgs, here's the breakdown.

Mosko 35 Backcountry pannier kit, duffle and 2 pouches, 14.2kg

Pannier racks and tool tube (empty), 4.5kg

Contents: 12.98kgs

Total: 31.68kgs

Enduristan Blizzards, duffle, tail pack. 4.6kgs

Contents: 12.98kgs

Total: 17.58kgs

Obviously the set up is entirely different, and the weight comparison is a guide only, not a measure of quality, convenience, cost or longevity.

Explore luggage options for your ride at Enduristan Australia

July 2020 update.

We've been very impressed so far, the panniers have held up really well, an impromptu excursion down the trail had me thinking they'd be all but torn, to our surprise there was only a slight rub mark.

The claim of being waterproof has been tested through a couple of crossings and also after each ride they've been hit with the pressure washer and the contents were still bone dry.

Apart from throwing the bike down the road or overloading, the biggest killers of rackless luggage is heat from the pipe and loose/incorrect adjustment of straps that allows the luggage to flop around.

The AT muffler is quite long so we've used 2 heat shields to protect the Enduristan Blizzard XL bags.

To keep the RH bag from bouncing and repeatedly hitting the muffler, a simple joiner between the shields means we can run the bags own securing strap underneath and keep it snug.

Of course rivets might not be ideal for a few reasons including rub spots, but it stops the flop.

Which Tankbag?

There's 5 tankbags available from Enduristan, the 4A, 4E, 4H, 4S and 4X, each has a different style and fitment with storage ranging from 3.5lts to 20lts.

For the mapbike, Darren has chosen the 4H (7ltr) for touring and the 4X (3.5ltr) for shorter trips when there's a lot of standing and a bigger bag would only get in the way.

It's great to have such a hassle free swap out of the bags for different rides.

With the included fastening buckles attached to the bike, switching between them is a breeze, and adjustments can be made via the standard webbing clips or the incorporated ROK Straps.

Refuels are simple too, release one clip and just swing the bag aside.

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