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DRZ400 sets the bar high for the Ironman challenge.

Dave Makin and his mighty little DRZ continues to raise the bar in the B&B Offroad Ironman challenge.

On the 26th April, Dave set a distance of 1207kms from 5:00am to 9:15pm.

GPS upload has been verified and the distance recorded on the leaderboard. He even stopped to take plenty of pics and kept us updated of his progress throughout the day.

HUGE effort mate!

In typical Mako style, he didn't just sit on the highway either, it was a dual sport ride that kicked off through Canyonleigh and Swallowtail pass, one of our favorite trails around the area.

During the ride, he also claimed the 'Peelstack' Motocache


Dave will put together a bit of a write up soon, until then here's a few pics.


Dave now sits on top of both the Kilometre Kruncher and Ironman challenges.



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See you out there!


Whatever the result of this year's Kilometre Kruncher and Ironman challenge, the winning routes will go online next year in our Rider Routes.

We'll ride it early in the year, create a Rider Route for it and proceeds will go to the rider themselves or their nominated community organisation.

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