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Curdimurka Rail Siding | Oodnadatta Track

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

There must be a few riders planning a trip into the South Australian outback and ticking the Oodnadatta track off their bucket list this year.

Curdimurka Rail Siding is the most popular of our motocache downloads so far.


This long abandoned railway siding between the old Ghan Railway Line and the Oodnadatta Track is in the middle of almost nowhere.

For many years this siding was home to fettlers who looked after the railway line between Marree and William Creek. The line closed in 1980.

The Oodnadatta Track

This iconic Australian track takes you along the route of the original old Ghan Railway and Aboriginal trading route.

It's rich with history and although it's often represented as a tough track, it's mostly due to it's remoteness and seasonal conditions rather than track difficulty.

It's not really a challenging ride if you're well prepared (except after rain it becomes impassable)

Many area's off the main track are restricted, so check before taking any serious detours and in the spots you can access, the track conditions vary. Some become quite sandy and cover plenty of sharp rocks just waiting to steal the air from your tyres or damage a wheel.

Along the track are numerous springs fed by water from the Great Artesian Basin, the most accessible examples being the mound springs found in Wabma Kadarbu Mound Springs Conservation Park near Coward Springs, also known as "The Bubbler".

The track roughly follows the route taken by explorer; John McDouall Stuart on his third expedition in 1859. Later the route was chosen for the Overland Telegraph with repeater stations located along the track - some of the best preserved are at the Coward Springs Campground - complete with natural artesian spa, Curdimurka and the "Old Peake" ruins.

John McDouall Stuart memorial
John McDouall Stuart memorial

Later, the original "Ghan" railway line followed the Oodnadatta track with its many remnants to explore. North of Oodnadatta it then turns to the west, meeting the sealed Stuart Highway at Marla.

The Track was named by Adam Plate of the Oodnadatta Progress Association Inc and Pink Roadhouse in about 1980 to form a trilogy of unsealed tourist routes with the Birdsville and Strzelecki Tracks nearby.

You can do the trip in a few days or a few weeks, each of the many stops have a way of making you feel like you've arrived at your destination, the spirit of the Outback takes hold and every spot feels like home.


Distance: 618kms

Max Fuel gap: 210kms (approx)

Best time: April - October


Before heading off on your next outback adventure in SA, you can check current road and track conditions by clicking the link below.


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If you're still unsure about going it alone, join us in 2020 on a multi-day ride through the Flinders Ranges and the Oodnadatta track.

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See you out there!

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