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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and our events.

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

See bottom of page for latest updates.

  • Kilometre Kruncher and Ironman challenges on hold from 1st April and will resume when social travel restrictions lifted.

  • Other uploads and downloads will continue to be maintained as normal.

  • Our organised events are temporarily on hold and will be reviewed as the situation changes.

  • Xplore Moto store (for our subscribers) is open and currently operating. We have tyres in stock and ready to ship.

Postponed or cancelled?

Our organised group events are postponed at this stage, new dates will be released as soon as practicable.

Refunds or transfers?

We've been in contact with all of our customers that have booked and paid for an event, all refunds or transfer of event fees into credit for future events have been completed.

Plans extended.

Our membership plans are mostly based around the benefits and savings when we ride, so our subscriptions have been extended. Read more....


During these difficult times, we'll follow the advice and guidelines by Health Organisations, use a common sense approach to travel, cleanliness and personal hygeine.

We all know that riding is good for our own mental wellbeing and physical health, but we shall be smart and limit the exposure to ourselves and others.

We pride ourselves on the continual commitment we make to ensuring our families, friends, customers and communities remain safe and well.

Changes along the way will be implemented and monitored as part of a sustainable plan into the future.

If you have any questions, please get in touch via the contact page.

For general enquiries on the virus, please visit or your visit your local GP.

Thanks, we look forward to riding together soon.

Update 14th April:

We've been answering a lot of calls and messages regarding events for the remainder of the year, here's a brief rundown of how things 'might' look.

The Barrett 3 Day will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

The most common questions have been about the BLITZ Rides and the AT4day....

The 2020 Barkbuster Handguards BLITZ series calendar will likely be transferred to 2021, but what we'll try to do if restrictions lift in time, is run a modified BLITZ for 2020.

How will that look?

Simple, as soon as we can preride them again, we'll get the MapBike cranking, make the needed changes and run the rides fortnightly, possibly a couple might only a week apart.

We need to allow not only for the impacts of the Coronavirus, but also the trail network that still remains damaged in parts from the NSW bushfires. So it'll be a task, but if time permits we'll definitely be up for the challenge and work our butts off to make it happen.

Of course it's all a bit 'pie in the sky' stuff right now, but as Adv and trail riders, we're all used to adverse conditions and exploring ride arounds when obstacles appear, and 2020 has certainly thrown a few of those!

The 2020 AT4day sits in November, so it's probably the best contender to remain as far as dates go, however a couple of things we need to consider at the moment.

1. It crosses the border so we'll have to wait a little longer to know what restrictions there may be.

2. Extended durations away and the higher costs for this tour may be a stretch for entrants coming out the other side of the isolation period.

3. As per 2, we need to ensure we don't stretch ourselves too thin, both with time and resources.

Although the 2020 4day has had a remarkable response and smashed our expectations with the expressions of interests filled out, we feel our priority is delivering the events as close to the original sequence as we can rather than cancelling them.


The trailblazer will go ahead a little differently than expected.

Rather than a tour or group ride, the event will form one of the challenges.

The routes will be delivered to entrants, there will be a simple task to complete and upload along the routes and 50% of all entry fees will go back to the entrants in prizes, prize money or vouchers to spend at participating stores.

The trailblazer has approx 3000kms of Adv touring trails that will be delivered in our RiderRoute format. It will run from release (TBC) until the end of 2021.

The ride is designed to enjoy the NSW South Coast to Central Coast and support the areas affected after the bushfires.

The trailblazer page will be live soon.

Update 15th May:
  • Kilometre Kruncher and Ironman challenges on hold from 1st April and will resume when social travel restrictions lifted. Now active

  • Our organised events are temporarily on hold and will be reviewed as the situation changes. Our event page has been updated to show Events that are current or awaiting rescheduling.

  • Trailblazer is now active.

Update 19th May:

Great news for NSW and easing of restrictions to allow regional travel in the state for any reason, including holidays, from June 1.

Source, ABC News, read the article here

Stay well and we hope to see you out there soon.

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